Custom Analytic Strategies and page tracking


With keyword analysis, deep user research, and media outlet outreach, we can help grow a business and its brand.

Your job is not complete once everything is ready to go. This is when the real work starts – optimizing the website. How would you know what to fix If you don’t know what’s happening or going on? What’s if something needed to be improved?

This is where analytics comes in. You can track everything online, but this can also lead to the confusion of what deciding what you would track. Our website analytics services that we offer makes an environment where you would have a continuous evaluation on optimization for your online marketing. Beginning with identifying how to measure (possibly the most important, yet least focused-on activity), SEO Designs website analytics services will keep your company striving and going forward.

Our Website Analytics Process and service Includes the following:

After you can answer all these questions and do it on a continuing basis, you have completed the first step of a successful online marketing solution. It’s just as important though to act on this information. You would never be able to act effectively if you did not have a campaign that included website analytics.

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